This game called Urban Challenge is a new breed of multi-player game. It fits with the current pervasive gaming trend, but on a much more accessable and (fun!) level. Players in teams engage in an all out city run to find checkpoints and use a digital camera to take a a photo of them. If they make it back to base with the most photos of the correct checkpoints, they win. These events are happening in US cities currently and began in May 2002 – before any of the other similar type games (including Noderunner, Uncle Roy, etc..) began. This game is massive and they even hold their finals in Las Vegas – pretty insane.

So far I’ve collected a few pervasive gaming projects. I’ll be writing an article/paper on this stuff soon.
Urban Challenge by Kevin McCarthy – May 2002
Can You See Me Now? by Blast Theory
Uncle Roy All Around You also by Blast Theory – June 2003
BotFighters by Its Alive! – Current 2001-3
Pirates [PDF] by Play Research – Summer 2000
Nokia Game by Nokia – 2001
Majestic (RIP) by EA – Summer 2001
Noderunner by Eyebeam – August 2002
Cutlass – aZones – winter 2001
The Go Game
Run Robot Run!
Navigate The Streets


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