workshop motors

We were just in Brussels, Belgium at the Imagine Interface workshop over the weekend. It was a really fun three day intensive electronics and prototyping workshop with about 20 artist / designers/ engineers from around Europe, US, and Canada. The project took place at the Looking Glass gallery in Brussels, where the aim was to make installation that could be experienced through the windows – some of the projects included a curtain w/video tracking that followed people as they walked by, a photocell typewriter that outputted text to a broken PC, a homeade turntable, some solar chalk bots,blinking monitors. Katherine and my contribution was a matrix of 48 dangling mini-pager/mobile phone motors (pictured) that rattled the glass as passerbys pressed a sensor on the glass. Check out more pics links below:

Opening Night (4MB – Quicktime)
More Pics Here (69 Pics)


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