I’ve heard of coin-operated web access, in fact I’ve even tried it and watched as my time (and money) slowly depleted before my eyes and wondered if I would get cut off mid search. This Hong Kong based company manufactures coin-operated computers – they are the most successful coin-operated computer manufacturers in the world (pretty insane) – and they recently asked me in on a business proposition.. Um.. not sure what to think.. Any suggestions?


One thought on “Coin-Op Computer

  1. Business opportunity? Go for it, Jonah! Grab that cash with both hand and make a stash to fund all these wacky projects. A coin-operated Coin-op. Hee-hee-hee. Ask them if they\’d like to add hand-cranked bandwidth, while they\’re at it.

    Say, you know those wind-up radios, flashlight,s etc. Could you do that with a PDA, tablet PC, laptop, or something?

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