Well I am officially back home for a two week vacation to DC and NYC. When I’m here I will be giving a few talks in NYC – one at Eyebeam and one at ITP. And maybe one at NYCWireless – althought when I sent around info on my Wifi-Hog project to them I got harsh reactions and death threats even though the project is made for a research context and exists as an alternative viewpoint to the dominant one. Jamming is not a new subject and as I am a big proponent of wifi myself I would like to ultimately see networks that could withstand jamming and ways of stopping individuals with malicious intent. One of the reasons I built the project was to raise awareness of this issue and show possibilities of how easy it would be for someone to control a network or hog it for themselves. I am not condoning this activity through my project, rather examing the consequences this type of activity would create and to work constructively on preventative measures.


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