This is the “Living Sculpture”, “The eight-legged Octofungi, a 12-inch-tall sculpture of colored polyurethane, micro glass beads, and natural fibers. Driven by a neural network, Octofungi moves its legs in graceful patterns somewhat resembling the movements of a sea anemone.” I tried playing with it but it was a bit unresponsive – maybe it’s been getting too much attention.

Here at UBICOMP 2003 there are lots of demos, panels, posters, and yes, actual people (not just geeks!). We played a round of Noderunner today and my team won! I also saw some of the other demos – some interesting, some kinda boring. One cool talk was about building a circuit to turn an LED into a sensor! Now that is something I could actually use and try out, pretty nifty. More to come….


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