Just got back from an interesting four days at the E-culture Fair in Amsterdam that took place Oct 23-24th. The conference/event consisted of over 50 projects split up into three themes of My Mode (wearable technology and fashion), Mobile Home (networks at home and dispersed in urban settings), and Toys4Us (gaming and playful interfaces). I’m in the process of writing up a longer report which I will add to my conference reports page, so here’s a few highlights: Shu Lea Chang’s RICHAIR – three wired up rollerskaters (pictured above w/embedded webcams) carrying mobile Wi-Fi repeaters and mini-computers for relaying network connections through a city, Victor Vina and Hector Serrano’s NetObjects, a collection of networked household objects relaying everything from weather to personal ads, and Mapping Mobile Phone Usage Among Autorickshaw Drivers – a project looking at the changes mobile technology has had in Bangalore for taxi drivers. I was there showing Phonetic Faces, a mobile-phone enabled image mixer for public space while Katherine was there showing her networked handbag project (pictured above), Inside/Outside, that measures localized pollution (smoke, audio, exhaust, etc..) and ad-hoc networks the data to other handbags while collecting a data diary of exposure levels over time. Some really great work overall and a very compact, and well presented conference that focused on the creative side of both embedded and distributed technology and culture.


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