No it’s not a USB pendrive for your data. This is the NetGear MA111, a USB WiFi adapter that lets any computer with a USB drive connect to a Wi-Fi network! This from the website:

“NETGEAR has designed this Wireless USB Adapter to give you fast, reliable Internet access. There’s no need to open up your PC, or install expensive Ethernet cables to connect wirelessly. The MA111 effortlessly connects your desktop PC at home, or even your notebook PC at a hotspot over any 802.11b network. With its automatic rate fallback, the MA111 lets you move to extended distances without losing your connectivity.”

NetGear isn’t the only company that makes these nifty adapters. D-Link has one called the DWL-122 and LynkSys offers one as well. I have an old G3 Powerbook (too old for Airport) that this could come in handy with or if you have an old PC, why not stick a cheap 160 GB or more harddrive in it, load it up with MP3s, and run Apple’s iTunes for PC on it to share your music collection with your whole apartment block. Soon there will be no excuse (or incompatibility problem) not to network up every digital device you own..


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