I wish I could go to this next weekend – DMZ event at Limehouse Town Hall in the UK. Sounds like a good mix of everything from public Wi-Fi to workshops to art installations. Seems a bit like the Extreme Computing Festival of Inappropriate Technology, but maybe more arty than that geekfest. Who knows – but if you are in the UK I would check it out!:

“DMZ is a two-day open festival celebrating the diversity of screen based and
network based cultural practice in London with an exhibition, screenings,
talks, installations, wireless networks, net art, live performances,
workshops, stalls and a tea lounge as chill out zone.

DMZ – the demilitarised zone – articulates the space where communication,
exchange and experiment are seeded, grown and harvested in public. The
progress of inspirational ideologies, diverse influences and convergant
energies map themselves to the city terrain, reshaping the environment,
rejuvenating hope and breeding optimism.”


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