DATA is one of the several arts and technology organizations taking part in the Distributed Creativity online forum organized by Eyebeam in NYC. The forum will take place Nov 12- Dec 19th and cover many different topics of interest surrounding mobility, public space, technology and most importantly, creativity. I didn’t take part in the last Eyebeam forum – actually I only realized it happened because I bought the book they published afterwards. If you are interested in contributing your thoughts and ideas to the forum check out the site (above) during those dates. It should be cool. Here’s some propaganda:

Eyebeam’s 6th annual online forum, Distributed Creativity, takes a look at
the interconnected web of opportunities and collaborations emerging in areas
such as WiFi, Weblogs, rich Internet applications, voice over IP, and social
software. In partnership with The University of Maine, co-hosts, panelists
and public participants from around the world, will discuss the artistic,
legal, technical and social dynamics of our ever increasingly networked

The online forum will run November 12-December 19 and engage an
interdisciplinary conversation about the things that are required for
distributed collaborations and communities to thrive. Topics will include:
technological innovations and platforms; artistic practice in collaborative,
networked projects; copyleft, open license and legal issues; commercial
appropriations and associations; and peer review, version tracking and
distributed organization. Each of the five weeks will focus on one topic and
be co-hosted with a partner community. Participants will include artists,
curators, theorists, programmers, lawyers, academics which we will be asking
to participate per week.


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