Cool show up now at Dublin’s Digital Hub called Exhibit4: Play! They are also sporting a new website (finally!). An interesting 3D gaming project by John Buckley called (In)Security that takes a dark look at war in video gaming from a political perspective. Read more here but check out the site for more info.

(In)Security is an exploration of the increasing politicisation of video gaming.It is a virtual environment that engages with the presence of current political scenarios in 3D FPS (first person shooter)gaming systems.Originally the enemy in gaming took the form of a non-specified,ill-defined identity such as a non- human,otherworldly or historical military figure.This trend seems to be diminishing in favour of scenarios that resonate with the current environment.In 2002 the US Army published America’s Army,in which players experience virtual boot camp before venturing out on reconnaissance missions in Afghanistan’s Tora Bora caves.


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