Amos Latteier made this “Prosthetic Ass” out of an old chainsaw as an experiment to see what would happen if humans had mechanical additions foisted upon them. I really like the idea of the parasitic object that uses the strengths (or weaknesses) of one object in order to exist on its own. This reminds me a bit of Arthur Ganson’s machines and sculptures that create complex relationships out of simple connections between static objects and mechanized forms. Artist, Michael Rakowitz has done some really nice parastic objects, expecially his paraSITE plastic-bag, homeless shelters that latch onto hot air ducts from buildings and blow up to form a sleeping space. These types of interventions are great because they use existing infrastructure and convert waste energy into useful devices or tools. As for Latteir’s “ass”, it seems more of an experiment into the future of lazyness, where in the future we might not be able to carry our own weight (literally). In anycase, I really like it’s simplicity.


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