Mockup from John Gerrard’s “Portrait Diptych”.

DATA 15 went really well! Check out some pictures on the DATA site. Featured presenters this time around were Tom Holley of The Media Centre in Huddersfield, UK and Derek Hales, Director of Research in the Dept of Architecture at Huddersfield University and artist, John Gerrard who spoke about this 3D portraiture projects including “Saddening Face”, a 3D scanned model of a friend of his whose face slowly saddens over a 100 year period. Other projects of John’s included “Slow Death”, a soldier taken from Unreal Tournament who slowly dies over a 22 day period which was the length of time of formal combat in the Iraq war. The above picture consists of an installation with two portraits that are touch screens that allow people to manipulate the expressions on the faces, and when the screens are facing each other, the two 3D characters start reacting to each other. We also did another performance of
SimpleTEXT which went really well!


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