The Macintosh classic II was a computer I got a lot of work accomplished with. Nevermind it’s 4 MB of Ram and 16 Mhz processor, this machine was a powerhouse! Opened on December 12th in Malmo, Sweden is the Classic II Exhibition, where the organizers asked artists to come up with projects for a bevy of old Classic II’s they had sitting around and were planning on throwing out. Artists in the exhibition range from David Rokeby to JODI, however one of my favorites has to be Sebastian Campion’s “The Matrix 9×9” (pictured above), which is a higly pixelated version of the Matrix shown on the Classic’s black and white monitor. From his description:

“The composition is made of 9 identical QuickTime loops that each consist of 9 framegrabs from the feature film ‘The Matrix’. The original frames have been radically compressed into small 1 bit images and are no longer recognizable as anything but black and white squares.”


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