I just made this project called Public Desktop. It is similar to my Status Play project, which is about adding sociability to the Mac OSX iChat status line. Public Desktop (screenshot above) lets people input text online which then becomes my desktop here at work. If two people are running the main application, it becomes a desktop IM client of sorts. Future versions will include image lookups and other types of live inputs as desktop images… I am running it now so if you want to send a message to me go here.

Note: I will include a link on my projects page soon for people to download the app. Right now it only runs on Mac OSX (Jag or higher).


3 thoughts on “Public Desktop

  1. well i wish it was in a cue, but i wrote this pretty fast, so right now it just gets stored in a text file that will also be made public eventually… however, right now whatever you enter will be made public at Play Shop in San Francisco until April. Those machines will seldom be offline…

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