Katherine and I gave talks about our work @ Trinity, to some engineering students who had pretty glazed over faces but we somehow managed to get laughing (and/or chuckling) at some of the concepts we’ve worked on. Got a good question from a guy in the back asking me what happens when someone from the “business world” sees my projects. Do they think of them as something viable for business? From that remark I just have to think back to the really great quote: “If we knew what we were doing, we wouldn’t be doing it”. Well seriously, there’s always elements in the work that could fit into some type of corporate (scandal), but I stand firm on my non-sellout credo. Well, ok… lets just say it hasn’t happened yet or ever will.


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  1. No, don\’t tell me that. I need information that will help me have *faith* in engineers! 😉

    Have fun at transmediale – and please post pictures!

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