Transmediale is now open! Last night was the opening and today have been some talks, lectures, performances, and screenings. I made it to the Bio-Land talk by Fiona Raby – which consisted of most of her ex-students giving short talks about the projects they have done regarding the idea of “Immortality” and bio-tech – ie. future products that might be able to solve some of our future problems – such as planning and assisting your death. Okay…. Next up was a talk by the designer who is creating a National Identity for SeaLand by designing currency, flags, stamps, etc and basing them after fallen regimes and other corporate scandals. Nice, but the guy had never been to SeaLand!!! The rest of the day was spent driving around Berlin picking up equipment for our workshop tomorrow (see last post) and tonite we get to set it up and see if it will work… cool! More later…


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