Neighbornode is an ITP student initiated project that attempts to connect up local wireless access points within a neighborhood. From the site:

“Neighbornodes are group message boards on wireless nodes, placed in residential areas and open to the public. These nodes transmit signal for around 300 feet, so everyone within that range has access to the board and can read and post to it. This means that with a Neighbornode you can broadcast a message to roughly everyone whose apartment window is within 300 feet of yours (and has line of sight), and they can broadcast messages back to you. Boards are only accessible from computers that go through the local node.

Interesting concept and the implications of such a network as a platform for other artistic endeavors is really interesting. I was talking to someone here at the NTRG who is working with sound installations and performance that this type of network would work well for a distributed sound mixing environment – a bit like the ServerProject – but reaching a larger neighborhood-based network instead of a gallery space. Anyways, this is definitely one to watch and see how it develops.


One thought on “Won't you be my neighbor?

  1. here in se portland oregon, in front of some peoples\’ houses, there are neighborhood \’kiosks\'(?) — small, shrine-like structures that might include a physical bulletin board, book exchange, mosaics, temporary displays, etc… portland\’s also big on wifi nodes, so i\’ve often speculated how they might converge… your project seems to cover this territory! very interesting! art institutions routinely prevent vital works on a local scale in many cities, so this neighbournode is a great circumvention!

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