More Geomapping!. GeoWeb is like GeoURL ICBM Address Server, but instead of mapping location of servers, this project is a platform for mapping information to locations. “GeoWeb provides an open, global, and scalable infrastructure for rapidly discovering information on the Internet associated with a specific latitude/longitude location. XML-based metadata records are distributed across the GeoWeb using the existing Domain Name System (DNS). Each metadata record describes an object, its geographic location, and links to actual data. The GeoWeb is a vision for making all geographically referenced, or georeferenced, data available over the Web. It is the open, hierarchical, and distributed infrastructure, that we use to rapidly index georeferenced data.” So for instance if you want to find out the best place to get a hot dog in Milwaukee, you could create a system that tracks hotdog vendors by uploading their long/lat and rating. Hmm I’ll think about that next time I’m hungry.


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