In a week, Kaki and I will be heading to the CiberArt Bilbao conference to give talks. My talk is in the “Computational Sociology” tract of the conference and is titled “Redefining Network Context: Creating New Paradigms Through Deconstruction”. Kaki’s is in the “Body and Nets” tract and is titled “The Social Fashioning of Emerging Communication Infrastructures”. The conference itself seems like a really interesting event – Richard Stallman will be giving a keynote talk on “Software Freedom and Culture Freedom” which sounds like his normal rant, but I’ve never seen him talk before so it should be fun. The second day of the event features a tract on “Synaptic Cartography” with a keynote from Christian Huebler of Knowbotic Research.The event will also feature an exhibition of, interactive installations, live acts, and more. I am planning a longer write up of the conference for my Festival Reports page, so stay tuned!


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