Here’s an image of me doing a talk over iChat from Dublin for the PAUSE exhibition (I’m the guy with half of his face cut off), that opened in Montreal last week. My contribution to the show was my AudioBored project, which allows people to leave candid audio messages in a public audio forum. The show is based around reflection and pauses in the busy, often chaotic world of digital media – both from a technological and social viewpoint. Some of the other projects include Peter Horvath’s ALBUM , which is a “fictional biography that reflects upon the history of an individual recalling experiences of a life in the turbulence of the 20th century. ” Still and moving images representing spaces over time include Paul Deven’s Dial(key) which features a Berlin subway station that allows you to have access to over 100 collected sound samples and images of people traversing the space over a specified period of time. NYC’s MTAA also contribute with their funny piece, “Five Videos about Interruption and Disappearing”. Overall a very nice presentation and collection of work and lots to see and hear.


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