The second day of the RAM5 workshop here in Riga, Latvia has been interesting. Some talks this morning on malleable architectural spaces and software simulations for representing natural forms interacting with real-space. Aether Architecture is doing some interesting work in Distributed Projection System that involes a screen that is cut into many pieces (pic above) and distributed in the physical shape of the projection cone. As for context, there was something missing, but it will be interesting to see the next version on display at ISEA 2004 this summer. I’m currently in a workshop about Semantic Database Cartography which is kind of an open source version of social software sites like Orkut and Friendster – where people make FOAF files and share them on sites like People Link. FOAF files can have GPS information as well so it’s a bit more of an invasion on your personal space that those other sites. Well like everything, it’s opt in!


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