[passing data in Kaki’s workshop]

RAM 5 in Riga rolls on. Today’s opening presentations included some cool work by the Eastwood Real-Time Strategy Group, a Serbia and Montenegro artists collective who produced Explorer 98, a PC-based game that puts you inside the Windows operating system fighting terrorists who are holding your system hostage. Cool homage to early net art! They also put together a cross between Age of Empires, Civilization and They Rule which lets you become the CEO of a top IT company and fight activists and other companies trying to out “business” you. Nice. Usman Haque is here as well and presented some ideas on “Soft Spaces” and architecture, and also mentioned that the launch of his Sky Ear project was postponed due to bad weather! Sux! In other news, Kaki’s workshop went over well and remember that you can listen to the webcast live!


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