The Pescara Electronic Artists Meeting (PEAM) takes place this week in Pescara, Italy. Focused on collaboration and exchange rather than competition, PEAM engages digital art on many levels. From the site: “The term “Meeting” depicts the spirit of the event, meant to be aggregative, non-competitive and includes workshops and interviews….To point at electronic arts is one way to take care of global aspects of our societies – pervaded by computers and informatics, and that need a continuous alignement to a fast technological growth. To understand or, better, to try to understand. With this point of view, art (electronic art, in our case) is ideal to operate a social and cultural upgrade; and is, within all the possible means, for sure, the most “human”.” We will be performing SimpleTEXT on Friday night at the festival so please stop by and say hello if you are attending! One of the highlights will be a talk by Italian artists, , about their controversial Nike Ground project deployed in Vienna last year!


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