The ESPrit? 3G is the world’s first behind the ear (BTE) speech processor with an in-built telecoil designed to make phone use clear, simple and attachment-free. Intended for people who are hard of hearing, this device can pick up signals from incoming devices and amplify them. From the site:

“A telecoil is a miniature magnetic receiver consisting of a tiny wire coil wound on a soft iron core and connected to a sensitive amplifier. The telecoil allows you to receive signals directly from hearing aid compatible telephones. Using room-sized induction loops, neck-sized loops or small in-built coils, the telecoil can also pick-up sounds from public address systems, cinemas, TVs, PCs, Hi-Fi systems and portable sound systems.”

My guess is that this device can also pick up mobile phone conversations if within range. Would be interesting to test this in a crowded public space, hook up the implant to a streaming server, and see what you could broadcast.


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