Kaki and I are heading to the Outside In conference on “Emerging Expressions, Interventions, and Participation in Public Space” taking place from June 14-15 in Goteborg, Sweden. The symposium brings together artists and practitioners who integrate public space and urban discourse into their practice. The event looks at how “emerging technologies and policies have transformed notions of public space. Mobile phones, surveillance systems and electronic barriers affect how we spend our time, where we go and how we express ourselves.” Some questions posed for exploring at the event include: “What are the new perceptions of our cities and public spaces? What are aesthetic, cultural and social implications? What is the impact on creative practices, technology development and civic stakeholders?” Speakers include Iain Borden, who wrote an amazing book on skateboarding and public space, Amy Franceschini of Futurefarmers, The Institute of Applied Autonomy , and the ever-cool Space Hi-jackers from London, and many more! Kaki and I are leading a workshop called “Hacking the Street” where participants will find objects in the city, technologically augment them somehow, and replant them in their found locations. Look for more details in the coming days + some pics!


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