Anne-Marie Schleiner’s new urban gaming project, O.U.T., pits online gaming with urban graffiti on the streets of NYC during the Republican National Convention. From her description: “Two women in gear are on the ground. One with a laptop and the other with a projector pointing onto building walls in 3 key locations in the city. They are connected through a mobile wireless bicycle to an online team of five game players located around the world. They intervene on servers in a popular online military simulation game with performance actions carried out by the whole team.The live projections in the citycan also be viewed through web cams on the OUT website.” Not sure why they need Wi-Fi connectivity with Yury Gitman’s Magic Bike, since they will have to be lugging around some big generators to get the projectors up and running or be plugged into a building’s power which can’t be too far from a Starbucks or Verizon pay-phone hotspot. Should be cool to see some fake violence on the buildings to counter-act the real violence in Iraq or maybe they could play networked KumaWar and play the convention itself! That would be rad.


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