Heading to Boston on Weds to speak at a panel called “Design for Hackability” the Designing Interactive Systems conference! Should be a fun event created for the “wackiest” of the HCI people (when I say wacky I mean people that might midly be interested in Art and Technology). I’ll be talking about the MIDI Scrapyard Challenge workshops Kaki and I have been running, along with some vids of SimpleTEXT and PoliceState. The focus of the panel is open systems that encourage interaction. From the description “Hackability implies more than customisation or adaptation ? it calls for redefinition. In a world where technologies are increasingly mobile and invisible, designing for hackability means allowing and encouraging people to make technologies be what they want them to be. It cultivates reciprocity between users and designers and supports transparency and graceful responses to unanticipated uses.” See ya in Boston!


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