Researcher Andruid Kearne’s latest entry into the ACM Hypertext Conference has been censored by the conference chairs! ” Kerne created the visual metadocument, “will: continue to be banned?” for the short paper, “Extending Spatial Hypertext to Compositional Hypermedia.” The visual metadocument is a composition of images and texts sampled from leading newspapers such as the New York Times. Each sample is a bookmark which links back to its source document. The composition contains a graphic image of the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by U.S. GIs at Abu Graib, in conjunction with other elements, such as a fact sheet on Iraq, and an image of the president.”

Apparently the conference rejected the short paper, but allowed it to remain as a demo despite one reviewer saying, “We don`t wish to know the author`s views on Iraq.” and “”This is a matter of context. If I wanted to look at smut, I know how to go about it. Arguments about free speech are irrelevant in this context.” Holy moly – Is ACM working for Dubya? Read all about Andruid’s censorship here!


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