This suit makes you feel old. “The Third Age Suit restricts the mobility of the wearer to give them an appreciation of what it is like for patients getting around the hospital….The suit has splints and restrictors that limit the movement of joints such as the hand, wrists, elbows, neck, upper and lower torso, knees and ankles to simulate the loss of mobility caused by ageing and arthritis.Yellow goggles mimic the declining vision, increased sensitivity to glare and reduced sensitivity to blue light experienced by many people as they age. Surgical style gloves are also provided to mimic the reduction in tactile sensitivity that occurs as a result of changes in the skin and sensory receptors. The architects found the simplest of tasks, such as sitting down, standing up and reaching out the arm became laboured and difficult when wearing the suit.” I wonder if it makes you grumpy and increases your fashion sense too (old people are the most stylish people around)? I would say the next version should come with a spedometer and a knob to maybe make you get younger too?


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