Induction House by Aether Architecture “is a 5300 cm-pixel resolution 3d screen mounted in a 300X300X600 cm self-tensioned structure for mapping dynamically generated 3 dimensional textures. The structure is made out of fishing rods, plastic strings, led weights, lambing gums and metal rings. Projection bands are double- folded cash register paper rolls, hanging in the necessary parabolic shapes for an exact projection. Media is├é┬áprogrammatically generated volumetric textures, magnetic resonance imaging data of a human brain as well as a revolving stack of real-time camera input images, building a volume where the third dimension is time. This is then mapped onto a polygon soup matching the physical structure in 3 dimensions making voxel resolution constant in space. The cameras are also used for detecting activity of the visitors and controlling parameters of the projections making ‘The Fishing Kit’ a somewhat tactilie living organism.”


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