You’ve seen it in WIRED magazine and now it’s here at coin-op! Yes the Yellow Arrow project is making waves in NYC, LA, Chi town, and San Fran! The way it works is “participants place arrows pointing at the locations and things that count most to them, their most cherished views of the city, the subway stations they frequent daily, their favorite bodegas and neighborhood parks. When placing an arrow, a participant sends a text message to with the sticker?s ID number and a brief story about why this location is important. When another person encounters an arrow in the city, he or she sends a message with the arrow’s ID number to and immediately receives the short message associated with it on their phone.”

Pretty simple, and pretty effective for a country that is just getting used to SMS messaging! At least it’s much better than the project DodgeBall, which was invented about 10 years ago in Europe and is called “Muti-Recipient SMS”. Another thing I’ve learned from living in Europe, if it’s not in the mainstream US press, it hasn’t been invented yet.


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