Looks like Mobile Bristol’s Jukola is a direct rip-off (with one or two changes) to Mark Argo and Ahmi Wolfe’s Bass Station project. I can’t find which project was launched first (Jukola says Oct 2003 – although they only recently published a paper in the Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) conference this year). Both are collective “jukeboxes” that allow people to connect to a shared music box via WiFi and choose tracks to play. Jukola allows people to “rate” or “vote” on the tracks before they are played with assigns some kind of hierarchy to them while Bass-Station is a souped-up boom box with a big hard drive and allows people to upload and select tracks to play. In my humble opinion, Bass-Station is much cooler (looking) version of this idea, but I would say that the functionality of the Jukola project might be a bit more scalable and provide some interesting social dynamics among people in the space. My only big problem with Jukola, is that their paper came out this August in DIS and they don’t reference or mention Bass-Station that has a paper published in SIGGRAPH 2003. Hmm, this stuff seems to happen all the time.


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