Czech media artist Michael Bielicky has been doing some really great work over his long career. I first discovered Bielicky when I was researching my talk at Ars this year and presented his great project “Exodus”, completed in 1995,where he mapped (and walked) Moses’ journey through the desert with GPS, updating his coordinates in real-time. After this, his installation “Menora”, at the Jewish Museum in Berlin featured, “instead of flames, seven monitors, on which fire signals flicker, and the signal for the televisions is received from a transmitter hidden in the permanent exhibition. Through the hidden transmitter, Bielicky’s intention is to remind us that the roots of life, and indeed of Judaism, are always hidden.” Commenting on history and religion through re-mappings, his newest project, “Falling Stars” is a play on words referencing celebrities and constellations where a giant video projection on Berlin’s Volksbuhne building permanently generates a new constellation of the “stars” – from Hollywood actors to politican icons. Pretty amusing – the flash animation says it all! Overall, it’s cool to see such a clear progression of projects and work from Bielicky and his mapping work seems to be becoming more relevant everyday.


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  1. Is there any way that I can be traced using a GPS reciver thorugh internet, like if am outside and my GPS is working is there any application by which anybody can trace me sitting on computer?

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