Today ArtBots opened in NYC. I’m here running a workshop where 100 people can build my DrawBot robots (made from markers, plastic cups, and old playstation controller motors). Today there was an onslaught of little kids from a nearby school who quickly tired me out as they were very very enthousiatic about building the bots! Today there were about 20 bots built – above is a pic of the drawing made at the end of the day! Lots of great energy there and a super cool and raw space for a show. My favorite bot today was the Wild Flower Meadow Glacier, a robot that inches slowly like a glacier over a green park space over a 100 year period. It also “records carbon dioxide levels in the local atmosphere and document this environmental data by planting varying patterns and species of flora in the abraided earth left in its wake.” It might be the world’s longest lasting robot (besides your washing machine I guess). More soon!


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