The Virus Mapping Tool (pictured) is one of several projects in the newly touring “virus-art” show, “The Aesthetics of Computer Viruses”. In this project, “The 3D map is an interactive tool developed by the team in collaboration with the Symantec Inc. research team. This tool tracks worm infections and how they spread on a worldwide scale while tripping firewall sensors. The geographic propagation of worms is three-dimensionally visualized by parabolic curves plotted on a world map. Graphic charts display the specific chronological behaviour of each spreading. Users can select single countries to observe the provenance and the circulation of the malicious threats. The visitor can interact with the tool via joystick.”

Pretty cool that they got Symantec in on this project (is that really true??) – I wonder if Symantec really wants people to know how bad virus alerts really are since the best way to make money is to make the FEAR abstract. The chronology section is also interesting, but they should have made a graph showing that the most effective viruses written are in direct correlation to the younger the authors are! Anyways – cool to see “evil” represented so well – well I hope that someday someone will write a virus that attacks spammers only…. any five year olds up for the task?


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