I’m home for a bit, with Kaki and my sister, Nicole who came here from NYC to help me recover! Awesome to have family here. My recovery is going well, I’m still at the hospital more than I want to be, but I guess they need to keep an eye on me to make sure I stay healthy. Thanks to everyone who has written to me or commented on my blog the kind words of encouragement and well wishes! You guys are so super. I’m not officialy discharged from the hospital yet but I hope to be soon. After seeing the election results tonite I’ might go into relapse (jk) – it’s pretty depressing to have Bush in the White House again. Yuck. In other news, Kaki is now an AUNT – her brother and his wife had a beautiful baby girl – named Zelda! So cute! I hope to see her soon! Thanks again you guys for the kind words – I will update you on my recovery as I go! More to come! You guys rock!


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