Well I’m oficially in recovery now, out of the hospital, taking it easy and trying to get back into normal life. Today my mom and katherine and I went to see some ResFest screenings – the “SHORTS” program which was pretty entertaining (but kinda juvenile). Resfest has rolled into Dublin for a week until it gets replaced by the much better DarkLight Digital Festival which includes lots of great short films and videos and the premiere of Katherine and my project, UMBRELLA.net which will also be shown at the VIPER festival in Basel from Nov. 18 – 22nd. Kaki will be in Basel, and I will be resting at home trying to get better. If you are around Viper, stop by and say hi! to Katherine As for me I’m recovering now, sleeping lots, and trying to take it easy as much as possible, so I won’t be coming to Viper. If you are there and happen to take some pics, send them my way! More soon from this side of the Atlantic.


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