Last nite I had enough energy (finally!) to go out for a bit, and we went to the opening of the Darklight Digital Film Festival and saw some great hip hop acts from Africa (Immigrants to Ireland from Congo/N igeria) and a crew from Fatima Manshions (a working class area of Dublin) called “Phatima”. They played an excellent song called “It Aint Right” – Listen to the MP3 Here!. Super cool and the lead singer is a 10 year old girl. Very cool. As for me, my recovery is going well, but I’m still taking it easy everyday. Rest is key.

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  1. Hi all…
    Anybody looking for Hiphop classes?! Im teaching a LA HipHop style at the FACTORY dance studios (Barrow st, Dublin) every Thursday. Inter level:7.30pm, Beg level:8.30pm… I spent most of last year training in Los Angeles. Come along if u wanna try something different. Thanx for reading, Dan Hu

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