Usman Haque’s Floatables project is a mobile shield against all technological signals, waves, radiation, data, etc.. that permeates dense urban spaces – such as Wifi, Bluetooth, EMF, etc… From Haque’s website:

“The aim of the floatable jellyfish-like vessels that drift around cities is to create temporary, ephemeral zones of privacy: an absence of phone calls, emails, sounds, smells and thermal patterns left behind by others. Through various electrical systems they are also able to prevent access of GPS devices, television broadcasts, wireless networks and other microwave emissions.”

It’s a bit like a portable version of Rupert Griffiths’ “TeleNono” which was shown at the Futuresonic Festival this summer in Manchester, UK. Interesting that despite the proliferation of mobile devices in public spaces, we are still aiming to escape their obtrusive (yet invisible) ubiquity. I assume it will only get more intense as the years progress.


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  1. i saw him talk about the project at dorkbot; interestingly he referenced both your work (jonah, wifihog) and pedro’s (the digital shelters above) as inspirations

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