If you’re driving in Belgium this summer, tune into Radio Forest! From the site: “The content on Radio Forest is made up of music and sound donated from the people of Neerpelt and surrounding areas, including; LP’s from personal collections, stories, lore, and sound produced during workshops at Musica. Portable radio’s will be available to check out at the Radio Forest cabin so that visitors can have a sonic wander through the forest.” The project is commissioned by Musica in Neerpelt, Belgium and a collaboration between artists Stijn Schiffeleers and Amy Franceschini as a sound project in reaction to this space.”Upon their first visit to Music in December 2004, Amy and Stijn’s first impression was the roaring sound coming from the freeway passing through the forest. It was such a dominant sound factor, that they proposed to broadcast forest sounds from within the forest to the cars passing by on the freeway.” So driving by the forest will let you tune into forest sounds and avoid the technological distraction of your engine’s hum. Nice.


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