Kaki and I are off to LA where we will both be speaking on panels at SIGGRAPH. My panel is on August 4 and is called “How is the Web Growing? Into a Social Super-Organism or a Mass of Disconnected Information?” Should be a fun panel with some interesting speakers all discussing our views on the “tangled web”. Kaki’s panel is on August 3 and is called Extreme Fashion: Designers, Artists, and Technologists Present a Glimpse Into the Place Where High Fashion Collides With High Technology. Should be fun! Plus we will be running one of our Scrapyard Challengeworkshops there – this time it will be the “DIY Wearable Challenge” in conjunction with the SIGGRAPH Fashion Show which will be fun. So please stop by if you are in the area! I’ll be blogging from the conf and will do a proper write-up of it afterwards.


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