One of the original designers of Flash for Macromedia (back when it was codename: “Babaloo”), Murat Konar’s projects bridge the gap between interactive graphics and physical inputs by using a mixture of discarded electronics and location-aware devices. Above is a picture of his personal project “DrumHead” which consisted of a projection of his head on a drum with sensors that picked up drum hits and changed the face accordingly (check out the video for the full effect). A list of all his work can be found here including the incredibly useful MacBS2 which lets you program a Basic Stamp 2 from OSX. Murat spent some time at the RCA’s Interaction Design Program and the Helen Hamlym Research Centre – which is an offshoot of the IA dept.


One thought on “Hit the Drum (Head)

  1. Actually, I was not an original designer of Flash. That distinction goes to Jon Gay and Robert Tatsumi.

    I was on the Babaloo team tough. Babaloo was to be a next-generation digital audio workstation app, but it was cancelled as part of Macromedia’s focus on the web. Grrr.

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