The Refresh! conference starting Sept 28 at Banff New Media Institute in Canada is an event “. . .on the Histories of Media Art and will discuss for the first time the history of media art within the interdisciplinary and intercultural contexts of the histories of art. Banff New Media Institute, the Database for Virtual Art, Leonardo/ISAST and UNESCO DigiArts are collaborating to produce the first international art history conference covering art and new media, art and technology, art-science interaction, and the history of media as pertinent to contemporary art.” Sounds like a cool event with a ton of interesting speakers (too many to mention). I won’t be there for this one, but hopefully there will be some streaming of the talks….

BTW -been checking out the webcasts from Ars Electronica 2005 which is a good way to see the conference if you can’t be there. This year they also have podcasts of the festival so for all you iPod heads, its a nice way of checking out the festival….


One thought on “Freshen Up

  1. sorry this is off-topic, but i thought of you when i saw this mystery! if you can’t figure it out, who can?

    daniel dennet, king of consciousness asks: “DO YOU RECOGNIZE THIS ROBOTIC DOG?”… he’s asking for any more information about a robot-dog, apparently france in 1950’s. if you know anything about it, you win a prize!

    innit a cute lil pup?

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