Brainmirror is “an interactive experience where the image of the visitors brain appears mixed with his/her mirror image, using natural head movement as an interface to explore volumetric visuals of the human brain.” Visitors to the installation wear a headtracking device using ultra-bright infrared LEDs so that nearby firewire cameras can match their position and overlay their “brain” in the nearby projected image of everyone at the table. “MRI volumetric images consist of a 3-dimensional volume of “voxels” each describing the hydrogen proton density in each position. Different tissues can be separated by their densities making different kinds of tissues clearly visible. MRI volumetric images is rendering using raycasting from each pixel of the screen through the volume, integrating attenuation along the path of the ray alternatively calculating gradients and shading the volume with light.” Looks like a pretty intense experience to try – esp for me and my over-active brain!


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