This project, Playing Flickr looks like a pretty close to exact ripoff of a project I worked on called SimpleTEXT from Jan. 2003 to present with Tim Redfern and Duncan Murphy (of Ambulance). Our project allows people to SMS to a public display that pulls up web-searched images based on the message sent. The main differences is that this project uses Flickr for images and we are pulling them from Google (thus we probably get much more interesting output than they do) and our project creates a real-time musical score based on the text sent as well.. Overall the main concept of this thing looks like a straight copy without any reference back to us at all.. Hmm.. This description is too similar to our project to ignore: “For each keyword, the installation creates a loop of recent images from Flickr and keeps displaying them till the next words are sent by the spectators. The word that found the image is superimposed on the image the authors’ Flickr name and the title of the photo.” – which is exactly what our project does!

Well I guess in the end, everyone copies from everyone else, still, this seems bit too blatant. Anyone who’s seen it care to comment?


2 thoughts on “SimpleTEXT Rip

  1. Actually, when I saw your performance Jonah, I thought “Hey, it kind of looks like the performance I created in collaboration with Isabelle Jenniches for DEAF2003.

    The performance was called Interfacing/Radiotopia/Keyworx.

    However since I hadn’t heard of your performance and you hadn’t heard of ours, I simply considered it a synchonicity of minds.

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