Low Tech Sensors And Actuators is a research/ art project involving “a suite of low-tech sensors and actuators using electronic children’s toys and gadgets that can be hacked for their constituent parts. In this way, artists and architects can quickly and cheaply develop interactive spaces and objects. The outcome of the project was an instruction manual of sorts, a manifesto for low-tech, a conceptual framework for complex interactive systems.” In other words, the project is taking a bunch of toys apart and ripping out their “sensorial” innards to repurpose them for other means. The project sounds like a perfect blog entry for the MAKE Blog which has lots of stuff on the subject already. This project takes a “cheap installation techniques and sensor stealing for Dummies” approach which is cool if you dont have the cash to purchase the real thing. Also this project is a bit of hacking tutorial and basic electronics lab for those who are interested in learning how consumer electronics are made with tiny budgets and mass production in mind. Still it looks like some fun can be had with the pdf booklet so check it out and let the hacking begin…


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