The SPOTS light and media installation in Berlin’s Potsdamer Platz will run for a “period of 18 months [and] convert an office block located at downtown Potsdamer Platz Berlin into one of world’s largest media facades. Commissioned by the agency “Café Palermo Pubblicità” the large scale matrix made up of 1800 conventional fluorescent lights was designed by the architect/ artist office realities:united, Berlin for the client HVB Immobilien AG.” Sounds pretty cool and there will be a few arty projects running on the screen. . . “The first of 3 exhibitions planned for the next 18 months will be City Gaze curated by Dr. Andreas Broekmann (Transmediale Berlin). In sequential order pieces by the artists realities:united & John Dekron, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Jim Campbell and Carsten Nicolai will be shown until Feb. 26th 2006. The video piece titled SKALA plays with the topic of scale and by that with one of the most central aspects of architecture as a medium. Inevitably high rise architecture as developed at Potsdamer Platz transports and implements specific scales for size, importance and durability. In addition the development documents a specific taste i.e. an ideological pictographic concept of reality, which is conceivable by everyone thru the medium architecture. In this context SKALA explores how architectural media surfaces can act as an additional element for architecture and in the formation of public space.” Definitely one to check out if you are in Berlin. Report back!


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