Katherine Moriwaki and I are leading a workshop called “DIY Urban Challenge” this summer from August 7-8th at ISEA 2006. DIY Urban Challenge is one of our Scrapyard Challenge workshops and gets participants to “hack” the streets of San Jose, creating objects which interject themselves into the urban fabric, to stimulate new experiences of the city. During this two day workshop, participants will traverse San Jose detailing points of intersection and friction, and will use recycled and cast-off materials as well as wireless technologies to develop objects which can be installed within the cityscape. Some of the questions we will ask with this workshop, will center on urban awareness and possible alternative “services” which could result in increased interactions between people in the city. More info on the workshop is here and we’ve made a SIGNUP page where you can sign up for the workshop if you are interested in “hacking the streets” of San Jose with us. Hope to see you there!


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