The “iDon’t” anti-iPod campaign is pretty interesting. Above is a pic I took of one of their ads on a billboard in NYC. To them, the “i” in “iPod” stands for anything but “interactive”, “Internet”, “innovative”, etc.. instead it stands for all of these things such as “isolation”, “introverted”, “idiot”, etc… In other words, all iPod owners are “sheep” in the herd. Maybe in NYC this is true since every 2nd person has an iPod attached to them, but in most places in the world, the iPod is pretty scarce and so in the larger scheme of things, these types of campaigns don’t really make much sense to me. In fact, the way they are designed, they seem like just another iPod ad.


2 thoughts on “iDon't Therefore iDo

  1. I don’t know… when I’ve been to London at least, it was a lot more saturated with iPods there than any place I’ve been to in the States. Either way, something like this coming out now is just old and tired.

    Also, if you originally bought an iPod or any other music-player just so that you could be “unique” in your anti-commercial kind of way, you’re more pathetic than any ‘iPuppet’. It’s a hard-drive with headphones, god forbid it have a commercial following.

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