The “First-Person Shooter Glasses” by Aram Bartholl are paper cut-out glasses anyone can download, print-out and wear around town that make you feel like you are playing a first-person shooter game like Quake or Doom. From the description: “First Person Shooter is the definition for a computer game genre which is played in the first person view while shooting is the main action of the game. A typical element of the game is the virtual arm of the player. Pointing with a weapon to the center of the screen this arm stays in the foreground all the time. The Object First Person Shooter is a card and a do it yourself set. The result of cutting and glueing all parts of FPS is a pair of glasses with the arm and weapon visible from out- and inside.” Really nice way of connecting the online game space to the real world! Download the printable PDF here. (PS: I know this project has been all over the blogs recently, but its still pretty cool)


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